Top 20 MLM Company in 2019

Top 20 MLM Company in 2019

Direct marketing strategy has been an important tool to promote your products and services to potential customers. Moreover, Multi-Level Marketing is one of the best ways to achieve exponential sales exposure & brand awareness for your product & services.

Countless companies are getting involved in multi-level marketing. You might know multiple people in your circle of friends who are promoting such products, often through parties and via social media.

Many of those companies are predictable. For example, there are tons of health and wellness companies. That includes those that focus on weight loss, along with supplement-based companies and ones that rely on a single special ingredient.

Other areas of emphasis include crafts, food, clothing and, of course, jewelry. We’ve come up with a list of top 20 network marketing companies in the world.

No Name Website Country Revenue (USD) Products & Services Year
1 Amway USA $8.8 Billion Health, Beauty & Home Care 1959
2 Avon USA $5.70 Billion Beauty, Household & Personal Care 1886
3 Herbalife USA $4.50 Billion Nutrition and Weight control products 1980
4 Vorwerk Germany $4.20 Billion Household appliances, Fitted kitchens & Cosmetics 1883
5 Mary Kay Germany $3.50 Billion Cosmetics and Personal care products 1963
6 Infinitus China $3.41 Billion Healthy products 1992
7 Natura Brazil $3.09 Billion Cosmetics, Fragrances and Personal hygiene items 1969
8 Pola Japan $2.44 Billion Skincare and Cosmetics 1929
9 Nuskin USA $2.28 Billion Personal care, Dietary supplements 1984
10 Tupperware USA $2.26 Billion Kitchen and Home products 1948
11 Melaleuca USA $2.0 Billion Cosmetics, Diet supplementary & Personal care 1978
12 Primerica USA $1.69 Billion Insurance and Financial services 1977
13 Oriflame Luxembourg $1.6 Billion Cosmetics, Beauty, Skincare products 1967
14 Rodan + Fields USA $1.5 Billion Beauty 2000
15 Jeunesse USA $1.41 Billion Supplements 2009
16 doTERRA USA $1.2 Billion Essential oils, Home products 2008
17 New Era China $1.16 Billion Health Supplements 1995
18 Usana USA $1.01 Billion Nutritional products, Dietary supplements & Skincare 1992
19 Youngliving USA $1.0 Billion Essential oils 1993
20 WorldVentures USA $0.9 Billion Travel 2005

As you look at the data, you may have noticed the differences in the timeline, some have been active in the industry since the early of 90, over a decade they have formed a powerful platform, the platform is strong enough to get them ongoing for a long time, and you can see the results now.

In another way, it’s proven that MLM is also a sustainable business model.

If you’re joining an MLM, you probably need to do more research, to make sure that the company is strong, backed by strong leadership and selling great products. At the end of the day, hope that this article is able to help you in many ways.

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