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Flexondata develop High Performance MLM Software in Malaysia

High performance and scalable solution

Software is built with high-throughput in mind due to the robust growth in the Multi-level-marketing (MLM) industry. We coding practices optimized the system performance to ensure a worry-free and reliable solution is delivered to each of our clients.

Flexondata develop Custom MLM Software developer Malaysia

Customizable and flexible

The solution is designed to mimic the mix-and-match kind of system, our clients are freely customized as they wish and flexible in terms of meeting their unique business requirements. Our MLM software is strong, customizable, flexible and high security resistant, designed especially for MLM companies.

Good in provide MLM Software Solution

Solution oriented

Our software engineers are experienced in the MLM software development, and solution-oriented. Solving problems and recommending solution is what we do for our client. Often a newly MLM startups can easily grow to SMEs in a very short time of period, along the line, you’ll need different software solution to support the growth and here we are!

Best MLM Software Developer Malaysia

Rapid Development

Due to the understanding of the domain language in the industry, we can easily interpret your language and understanding it. Hence it’ll greatly reduce the communication error, as communication error is always the greatest pain-point. Be able to speak in your language, it’ll greatly increase our development time.

Industry We Serve

We’re specialized in building complex referral commission software to serve the industry of:

MLM Software Malaysia

Multi-level marketing industry (MLM)

Commission calculation software for insurance agency

Insurance Agency

MLM Software for property sales agency

Property Sales Agency

Banking / Financial Sales Agency

Banking / Financial Sales Agency

Ecommerce MLM Software

E-Commerce Retailers

Flexondata Job Recruitment Sales Network Management System

Job Recruiter & Headhunters

Flexondata Money Game Software

Private Investment Scheme

Flexondata commission calculation software

Any other industry

What’s Our Offer?

We cater to the needs of simplifying yet powerful online MLM Software Solution from StartUps to Boutique Customized Enterprise Solution

Best value MLM Software for network marketing companies:

Flexondata MLM Software Malaysia perfectly design for network marketing & direct selling business. Our solution present functions for clients to start running their business and flexible enough to customize on top or scale further as their business grows. We support all kind of MLM Plans View Full List

Distributor Management


MLM Software Network & Genealogy Module

Network Struture Tree

Referral Links


Order Fulfillment Handling

Product Management

Dedicated Compensation Engine

Sales Management


Data Insights

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We’re focused on the industry we serve and passionate in the world of technology. We constantly increase our skillset and knowledge to serve the industry better.
On every project engagement, we begin with an end in mind. We treasure the trust and opportunity given by our client. Being able to keep up to promises on each and every engagement is what motivates us.
Security is at our highest priority, we value your data as much as you do, periodically data backup and activity logging is the basics. Our MLM system architecture ensures the client’s data are safe and accessible whenever you need it.
We’re flexible in terms of what we offer and we’re ready to grow with you. Flexibility is a crucial element in today’s business world due to the rapid changes in the market.
Technology and business requires to innovate in anytime and anywhere. We do not stop here, constantly innovate for a better solution is the main reason to keep us moving forward.

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