1. Stairsteps plan structured on the foundation of Unilevel MLM Plan where there is an unlimited number of width or frontline. However, the members in the stairsteps plan can out-beat their uplines, unlike the Unilevel MLM plan where upline( the person who brought you in to the business) will earn a commission out from your purchase regardless of your ranking.
  2. In the stairsteps plan, ranking matters more than joining sequence, and hence members can actually earn more than their upline or people joining prior them.
  3. Stairsteps referring to each individual members have their own progressive position to achieve based on total sales amount or numbers of recruits.
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How stairsteps works and why breakaway?

Each new comer join in as a member where they purchase a certain amount of product and nothing else, they gained. However, their ranking grows up along the way when they meet a certain criterion either sales or numbers of recruitment, they’re climbing the corporate ladders that is set by the MLM company.

Based on the examples, each member joining in, they received the products without any other reward benefits. When they move along say for example to Executive Ranking, they’ll earn a 5% from their downline member, and a 5% discount when they make a purchase.
As they move further and achieve the director ranking, let’s look at the commission structure based on the examples above
Your Ranking Director
Your downline ranking when they make a purchase Your earning percentage or self-purchase rebate
Leader 5%
Agent 10%
Executive 15%
Member 20%
Self-Purchase rebate 50%
There go the next question, what happened when your downline ranking is actually same with you ? Usually a breakaway can be implement when downline actually achieved the same ranks on the highest level.

Advantages of Unilevel Plan

  1. Historically stairsteps plan is one of the proven sustainable marketing plan in the market with successful example such as Amway.
  2. Ranking and sales performance surpass the importance of joining sequence and defeat the myth on MLM company where join first-win first kind of ideology.
  3. Career path setting in the marketing plan, career path can be shaped by giving members a clear path of the targets and they know what can be expect from their handwork.

Stair-step plan and breakaway Compensation Plan Commission

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Fast Start
  3. Differential Reward
  4. Company Turnover Reward