Multi-Level Marketing, Social Commerce, and Network Marketing – all these terms referring to a miraculous business model to drive exponential growth. Leverage the Magic-Of-Compounding by using the power of Multi-Level Marketing to boost your product & services Sales!

Suitable For:

  1. Market Penetration with Existing Product – Loyalty Scheme
  2. Market Development with Existing Product – MLM as marketing channel
  3. Replace/Upgrade unsatisfied software solution
  4. Product Development with additional benefits – Reward Scheme
  5. Diversification with new product – Leverage your product mix and entering into MLM
  6. Kick start your whole new MLM business with us
  • Start-ups Multilevel marketing companies
  • Market expansion with existing products
  • Exploring in using MLM as part of the marketing channel
  • Upgrade your existing MLM software
  • Referral/Affiliate based business for extraordinary growth

Features & Module

  • Distributor Enrolment & Management
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Enrolment fully adjusted to your business model – affiliate link, replicated site. Enforcing first purchase or Sign up Fees

  • Network Structure
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Any form of compensation plan structure: Unilevel, Binary, Matrix, Board Plan. Keep track of sponsors, clear and precise details

  • Orders Management
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Guided process for purchase cycle. Auto-purchase, Auto-ship. Payment Gateway Integration and courier and fulfilment handling

  • Dedicated Compensation Engine
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Implement any rewards in your compensation plan. Unlimited rewards & business rule. Endless possibilities of ways to reward your distributors

  • Business INSIGHTS
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Real-time data insights of your overall business performance. View sales, commissions, and distributor’s turnover

  • Security
    Distributor Enrolment & Management

    Utmost important element of software solutions. Single or multi-layer authentication is applied, TAC, email verification and other method to ensure application safety from the client side and cybersecurity implementation on the database

What to sell?

Varieties of products & services are sold under MLM business

Products: Bullions, numismatics, beauty & dietary products, water filter, healthcare equipment to daily consuming product.

Services: Travel, Telco, Funeral services, Insurance & Financial products and many more.

MLM Businesses are more creative than ever, because every business that involve in sales & consumer will be able to leverage with MLM business model.

Benefit of Working with FlexonData

Manage your MLM business with a single MLM software solution. MLM provides a unique vehicle to establish an efficient sales organization with a very predictable cost model.

  • We’ll share our experience and walk you through on the MLM Solution – compensation plan review, business process consultation and industry best practice.
  • Flexible & Customisable – Our software cover most if not all of your business operation, and we can even customized based on your current process flow.
  • In-house development – your software will be built by our team with over 10 years of experience in MLM industry.
  • One-stops solution for all the services you need – end-to end support from starting to after launching services.
  • Scalability – Thanks to our team of experienced in international projects of varied scales, our software is ready to grow with your business.