Rank Advancement Bonus / Performance Allowances

Rank Advancement bonus commonly paid in Unilevel structure or stairsteps-breakaway. By the name itself, rank advancement is pretty straight forward. Member achieve a pre-set rank requirement; they’ll earn a one-time bonus. Ranking could be permanent or dynamic based on monthly performance.

Rank Business Volume Point Volume Bonus paid at rank
Bronze 3000 BV 1500 PV $300
Silver 8000 BV 4000 PV $800
Gold 15,000 BV 7500 PV $1500
Platinum 35,000 BV 17,500 PV $3000
Diamond 80,000 BV 40,000 PV $8000
Performance allowance is much similar to rank advancement, they’re based on monthly sales or yearly sales performance. Reward bonuses commonly for performance allowances included but not limited to Housing allowance, Childhood Education allowance, travelling allowance, travel incentive programmes or any other allowance you name it.
Allowance Amount Gold Platinum Diamond
Education fund $500
Car fund $2000
House fund $500