1. Explain the structure with example: Matrix plan is very similar Unilevel structure but it limits the amount of people of each person can have in their first level.With a fixed width and fixed height, an example of 2*14 matrix meaning you can have 2 people maximum at your first level, the rest will be required to spill-over for the 14 levels below. The common matrix plan would be 4*7, 5*7, 3*9 or any other as you preferred.
  2. Explanation of our software: Flexondata Binary MLM Software manage and keep track of downline’s matrix structure, automated calculation on downline’s income, structure capping & imposed rules & restrictions according to your marketing plan

Advantages of Matrix Plan

  1. Taking the benefits of binary structure which is the spill-over effect and implemented in a Unilevel foundation plan.
  2. Rewards are capped based on the level of depth, it’s more manageable in compare to binary plan


  1. Sponsor Bonus
  2. Matching Bonus
  3. Matrix Bonus