Leadership pool bonus

Top ranked leaders in the compensation plan structure only eligible to this bonus. Commonly a company will allocate certain percentage of the quarterly / yearly sales to either equally distributed to top ranking achiever, based on sales contribution proportioned by qualified shares count.

Share in the 2% of the company’s total sales. Shares for this pool are based on the ranking.
Ranking & Requirement Gold Platinum Diamond
Monthly PV required 10,000 BV 25,000 BV 50,000 BV
Yearly PV required 120,000 BV 300,000 BV 600,000 BV
Total qualified leg 2 Silver 2 Gold 5 Platinum
Number of shares 2 shares 5 shares 10 shares
2% of the company’s total sales in a year divided (/) total number of the shares times (*) share held on each distributor’s hand.

Example based on $100,000,000 yearly total sales volume.
The estimated average share value for Leadership Pool Bonus is $550 per share.
Distributor will be paid with the bonus based on the share held on their hand.