• A Binary MLM Plan structured in the idea of each business centre are only allowed to have 2 legs, sometimes named it as left and right group with an unlimited depth.
  • Commission are calculated based on the total volume of a weakest leg during on a pay cycle, daily/monthly basis. The remaining points on the stronger leg allowed you to earn commission later via carry forward.
  • You can maximize your binary MLM plan companies’ profits with our custom MLM solution with custom rules:
Daily/Weekly Maximum Income | Pairs Quantity of a business centre | Flushing for inactive | Payment in Blocks | Payment Cycles | Stop Accumulation for inactive | Recruit to Activate | Other Custom Rules

Flexondata Binary MLM Software manage and keep track of downline’s binary structure, automated calculation on downline’s income & imposed rules & restrictions according to your marketing plan

Binary MLM Plan usually works by required each member to recruit and sponsor two member to join the plan. It’s the fastest plan that could expand network in the least amount of time.

It’s still the most favourable marketing plan structure among the MLM leaders due to its vast advantages

Advantages of Binary Plan

  1. Fast Network Expansion: The member’s network can be quickly expand due to each of them only needs to recruit two new members and the network its tied up to the entire binary tree of the first members.
  2. Spill-Over: New members are shared between all parents, nurture team spirits, encourage working together and help the weaker teammates.
  3. Unlimited Depth: The parents or ancestors could benefit as long as members in the network expands regardless of country and location of the sales force due to unlimited depth
Rewards you can pay with binary structure

Binary Compensation Plan Commission

Typical compensation plan or reward mechanism for Binary MLM Company:

  1. Sponsor Bonus
  2. Binary Bonus / Pairing Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. Business Centre Reward